Happy New Year! 1 Year Blog-iversary and 2021 Wants

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Look On The Write Side! Content warning: the follow post contains discussion of anxiety, depression, self-harm and weight loss. Please proceed with caution. At around the middle of December I received a confirmation of an annual payment to WordPress from my gmail. It was only then that I realised itContinue reading “Happy New Year! 1 Year Blog-iversary and 2021 Wants”

How I’ve Kept Myself Busy During Lockdown

A tale of Animal Crossing, diet, exercise and conscious procrastination! DISCLAIMER: This post contains discussion of COVID-19, mental health struggles, dieting, exercising and body image struggles Oh, lockdown. Social distancing. 2 metres apart. Something tells me that these phrases will never quite ring the same after the past few months we’ve had. -“Grandma Leyla, whereContinue reading “How I’ve Kept Myself Busy During Lockdown”