Hello and Welcome! :)

So, this is it- my first blog post! With the emergence of the 2020s, I thought that there was no better time than to carry out what I had always intended to do. Thus, Look On The Write Side was born.

This past decade has been a true roller-coaster, as I developed from an awkward and anxious 10 year-old into an extremely awkward and anxious 20 year-old. There have been good times and bad but one thing I’ve learnt is this: talking is an excellent therapy, and sharing experiences can make you realise how much beauty actually exists in your life. So, this is the purpose my blog will serve.

Can you tell that I love pengins?

My main subjects of focus will revolve around what I call the ‘Holy Trinity’ of my life; my love for and study of English Literature, my status as a professional Super Mario Kart competitor and my struggles with agonising anxiety and depression. These are the things that make me what I am.

If you want to stick around, then that’s great. If not, then that’s cool too. But whatever you do, just remember that Vanilla Lake 2 is the greatest Mario Kart track ever created and anyone who tells you otherwise is WRONG!

Published by Leyla Hasso

I'm an anxious 21-year-old Londoner who by day studies English Lit at King's College London, and by night competes in Super Mario Kart...all while trying to always look on the bright side!

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